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When you were commissioned for this I admit I was curious on how you would approach it; I think it's your first picture involving a child, a young child at that, but I will say you pulled it off beautifully.

My ratings for vision and technique are simply because for one, you made the right choices in what to leave and what to keep in and out of the painting, given the original photograph. Nothing distracts, and what's important is the center piece as it should be! Technique goes without saying; all the items shown look like you would expect, and would have the 'feel' of the real thing could you touch it as such. I could not pinpoint something to improve there.

Originality and impact aren't really the artist's fault, it's a commissioned piece, so that is limited by the provided material. Although, I will say, as child photographs go, this is one of the more original ones I've seen in my time!

Overall you did a wonderful job on materials, light, shadow and the child feels as happy and relaxed as she looked in the original photo, while your choice to not fully include all background elements allows the viewer to focus on the subject, which is what any good painting should aim to do! Well done indeed!
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